Husker fans find hospitable housing in Madison

Nebraska opens its Big Ten football season at Wisconsin tomorrow and lodging is difficult to find. Some Madison residents are offering their homes and apartments to Husker fans to rent for the weekend on the website Craigslist.
This man, who asked that his name not be used, says he’s not worried about the arrangement with the Nebraskans.
“There is some hesitation,” he says. “If it would be (Ohio) Buckeye fans, there’s no way I’d do it but since it’s Nebraska, they seem like pretty good people so I thought I’d go for it.”
The Madison man says he’s also handing over his tickets for the game to the people who are renting his place for the weekend.
“It’s a huge game and I’m the biggest sports fan in the world,” he says. “I really want to go but the money is hard to turn down.”
It’s about a 500-mile drive from Lincoln to Madison. Nebraska fan A.J. Goldsmith is making the trek and says the hotels were all booked, so he was thrilled to make a deal on Craigslist to rent a house for the weekend.
“I actually went on Hotwire and,” Goldsmith says. “As long as it’s a good game and people are good-hearted and we have a good time, it should be fun.”
Nebraska and Wisconsin’s football teams have only faced off five times over the past 11 decades, most recently in 1974. The Huskers lost to the Badgers that year, 21-20.