Pelini, Blackshirts, and lots of cheese (AUDIO)

Bo Pelini will have his three defensive leaders on the field tomorrow night against Wisconsin in Jared Crick, Lavonte David and Alfonso Dennard. Pelini says the defensive chemistry is starting to get there. A key offensively for the Huskers is to keep that running game going whether Rex Burkhead lines up in the wildcat, or as the I-back or if Taylor Martinez runs the option. One bonus so far this season is the Huskers have had the ability to rotate seven or eight guys on the offenseive line.
One of the more unique aspects of this game is that AD Tom Osborne has asked Nebraska fans to wear black instead of traditional red. Senior safety Austin Cassidy likes the idea.
Wisconsin’s Governor is taking trash talking global ahead of Nebraska’s first Big Ten football game against the Badgers. Scott Walker was addressing a trade group from Taiwan in Madison the other day and started talking smack about the Huskers.
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