Legislation to target animal rights groups' activities

Sen. Tyson Larson

The tactics of animal rights activists in Iowa have gotten the attention of a Nebraska state senator. Undercover video has shown examples of possible animal abuse at hog and chicken facilities in Iowa.
Senator Tyson Larson, of O’Neill, says he wants to put some limitations on that type of behavior.
“I will be introducing a bill similar to what was introduced in Iowa about videotaping on ranches and feedlots,” Larson says. “The Humane Society of the United States has gone to undercover videotaping and then holding those videotapes until it’s good for the media to release.”
The bill stipulates that if there is animal abuse witnessed, the evidence must be turned over to the authorities immediately. Larson says if there is abuse, law enforcement should be involved from the beginning.
“They misconstrue all of animal agriculture and put it in a bad light when in reality, it’s often just a very few individuals committing these crimes against animals,” Larson says. “Trying to stop (animal rights groups) from using it for their political gain and making sure we take care of the problem immediately.”
Larson won election to his first term representing District 40 last November.
Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton