Gun requirement ordinance lawsuit against Omaha

The city of Omaha is facing a federal lawsuit over an ordinance in place on the requirements to possess a handgun within the city limits. Armando Gonzalez was denied a permit to possess a gun within the city limits because he is not a U-S citizen. Nebraska Firearm Owners Association President Andy Allen says Mr. Gonzalez was given permanent resident alien status in 2008, more than seven years after legally moving to the U-S. Allen says he followed the legal requirements to obtain a handgun by getting a permit at the sheriff’s department.
Allen says Mr. Gonzalez then went to the Omaha Police Department to legally register the gun but he was denied because he is not a U-S citizen.
Allen says his organization has tried in the past to have this ordinance changed. The Nebraska Firearm Owners Association conducted a letter writing campaign to the Omaha City Council last year and received a message back the council would not discuss the matter.
Along with the Nebraska Firearm Owners Association and Armando Gonzalez, the Second Amendment Foundation joined together in the suit that asks a judge declare the citizenship requirement unconstitutional.