The cost of hiring a new superintendent for the state's largest district

The state’s largest school district is ready to spend 200-thousand dollars to hire a consultant to search for a new superintendent. Omaha Public School District spokesperson Luanne Nelson says this money will be used by the Board of Education and was included in this year’s school budget to pay for a consultant and cover any additional costs such as travel.
While it is not unusual to hire a consultant or a “headhunter” to search for the right person for the job, 200-thousand dollars for a Nebraska school district is a lot of money to spend. In recent years, other districts in the state have paid anywhere from 10 to 28-thousand dollars for the service of a consultant to find the right superintendent for the job. Nelson says OPS have 50-thousand students and you can’t compare a national search with a district this size with other suburban districts.
O-P-S plans on hiring the consultant next month.