School leaders try to prep for looming cuts to state aid

Facing a massive budget shortfall, state legislators are considering several avenues for saving money, including on plan to cut state aid to education 15 to 20%.
Randy Anderson, superintendent of the Hartington Public and Crofton schools, says they have been preparing for that type of cut.
“It would mean that we would really have to begin to do some belt-tightening,” Anderson says. “Our board of education has already been discussing the matter at several meetings. What we’re looking at is to find ways that we can reduce costs without actually reducing programs.”
Anderson says the Crofton district gets about $700,000 in state aid a year. He says they have been trying to avoid cutting teachers from the staff.
He says most of the costs in the school system are in the administrative and instructional areas, but they’re looking at ways they can make cuts in transportation and elsewhere.
Anderson says most school districts don’t carry any reserve funds for the general budget, as they’re more earmarked for things like buildings and maintenance. He says declining enrollment is also putting pressure on the budgets.
Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton