Deer Fence Construction Underway Along I-80

Construction of a fence is underway along Interstate-80 near Mahoney State Park. Brian Johnson is with the Nebraska Department of Roads and says the goal is to keep deer off the road.
“Started up with an electric fence here, March or April or so and try to get it completed by May of this year.”
Johnson says they are installing an eight-foot high non-electric fence that will run to near the Nebraska Crossing interchange at mile marker 426. On the other side of the road will be an electric fence.
“After we get the fence completed, we will do another year of post-monitoring and see if we’ve got the deer funneled to the under crossings that we have under four of the bridges in the area.”
Johnson says the fences will allow for deer to move through their habitat without having to cross the roadway.
“The bridges have been modified to allow much wider, more open area that the deer and other animals can access freely without having to go across the road.”
Johnson says they hopefully will have the project finished by late spring.
“Hope to have it done by May. It may push off into June but the majority of the area around the Platte should be done by May.”
The stretch of I-80 between Mahoney State Park and the Nebraska Crossing exit has the highest rate of deer-vehicle accidents in the state.