Back To School Today At Millard South

Things are getting back to normal today at Millard South High School.
“We are having school at Millard South. The goal is to get back to our routine.”
Millard School District Superintendent Keith Lutz (LOOT-z) says every school in the district has a safety plan in place and officials will continue to follow safety measures.
“You can practice and practice and practice but there are something’s you can never be prepared for. Security-wise, since Columbine, like all other schools and we have large high schools, we have put many security measures, comprehensive safety plan in place.”
Millard South High School did not have metal detectors and Superintendent Lutz says they are not at the point to consider installing them.
“That would have to be metal detectors for all schools. It is a public building. It is a school. It is safer than the movie theater. It is safer than the shopping mall. It is one of the safest places, other than home, for a kid to be.”