Shooter may have used father's service weapon

We are learning more about yesterday’s tragic shooting at Millard South High School that claimed the life of an assistant principal and wounded the principal. Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes says two others were injured in yesterday’s event.
Chief Hayes says both of those victims will be ok. He says the gun used was a 40 caliber Glock semi-automatic that was likely his father’s service weapon.
Hayes says this is a tragedy for the Millard School District, the community and the state. However, it is also a tragedy for the Omaha police department as the Robert Butler Jr.’s father is a detective on the force.
He says on Wednesday, Butler was called into the office area of Millard South where he met with Dr. Vicky Kaspar about an incident over the weekend where Butler was accused and criminally cited for Criminal Trespass for driving his vehicle on the football field and also the school track. He was then escorted out of the building at 9:23 am.
Once Butler arrived home, Hayes says he spoke with his father and intended to run errands with his father but changed his mind to stay home. They are looking into whether he spent time on the computer or his cell phone. Hayes says it appears that Butler was banned from using his vehicle.
Chief Hayes says there are many unanswered questions and all will be answered as the investigation continues.