Shooting at Millard South High School

Two administrators are injured by gunfire at Millard South High School at 149th and Q Streets in Omaha. Police were called to school at 12:50 Wednesday afternoon and found two people, one male and one female, injured inside the building. The male victim was transported to a hospital by medical helicopter and the female victim by ambulance. They are believed to be the Principal and assistant Principal.
Police had a vehicle description of the suspect and about 35 minutes after the shooting located the red Honda at 147th and “F” Streets in Omaha. Police and paramedics were seen near the vehicle. Police later stated the suspect was found deceased inside the vehicle. Omaha police say officers were not involved in the death.
Millard South High School was immediately put into lock down as well as several nearby schools. Students are being dismissed to a staging area at Divine Sheppard Lutheran Church at 150th and Q Streets. Students are meeting with parents and are not allowed to drive their own vehicles home at this time. All other schools in the area were released from lockdown and are dismissing at regular time.
The suspect, Robert Butler JR. 17, was a senior at Millard South High School. There is word that he was suspended earlier in the day. The suspect is apparently involved in an incident where he drove his vehicle through the football field but it is not know if that was the reason for the suspension.