Feed The Children Caravan Stops In Omaha

A semi tractor-trailer full of food and essentials stopped in Omaha today. This is part of the Feed the Children’s Caravan and there is enough on board to help out 400 families. Candace Gregory is the CEO of the Open Door Mission and says this is perfect timing as the food and other supplies is needed now.
“And coming off of Christmas and the added expense of our children being on vacation to our low income families, many of them single mothers trying to stretch their dollars, this is just an added extra blessing to start the New Year off right.”
Gregory says they have identified the recipients who will receive a 25-pound box of food and a 10 pound box of personal care items. Both are designed to last about one week.
“The food box is full of many staples that will be so needed for these families that are in need and then the toiletry box is just an added blessing you don’t expect. There is shampoos, soaps, conditioner, many toiletry items that can be used by the entire family.”
Gregory says this is especially a difficult time for the working poor. She says kids were at home for Christmas break and that means more meals were served. She says many families are also used to turning the heat down during the day while kids are at school and adults are at work.
“Many of them have children home during the holiday vacation and for many of them that is an extra stretch for their budget. Having to provide more meals on the table and turn the heat up more and so there is just an added expense.”
Statics show that one in five Omaha children is considered impoverished and the number of impoverished children in Douglas County totals 21,596.