Breakthrough In Cancer Research

A huge breakthrough in cancer research. The so-called liquid biopsy was announced this week by Johnson and Johnson and a Boston Hospital. When it becomes available, University of Nebraska Medical Center researcher Dr. Tony Hollingsworth says the test will help detect cancer much easier than the current method.
“Instead of going in and having a biopsy done of a potential cancer that is located deep within your body, you can just sample your blood and pull the tumors out from that for diagnostic purposed, that would be very powerful.”
Dr. Hollingsworth says a blood draw is much easier than performing several biopsies.
“It is difficult to go back in and check the cancers that you are treating by biopsies every time because of these problems that come from doing that from deep internal organ sites.”
The new test will also allow doctors to evaluate the results of chemo-therapy without doing those difficult biopsies. Experimental testing will begin this year.