Western Nebraska could lose a state senator

Besides the budget crunch, another big issue waiting for Nebraska lawmakers next month is redistricting. Local census numbers will be available in February, which will lead to redrawing Congressional and legislative districts.
Senator Deb Fischer, of Valentine, says while the rural districts will have to get bigger, she isn’t convinced a district in western Nebraska will disappear.
“I don’t necessarily believe that it needs to be a western senator that we lose,” Fischer says. “I’m from the central part of the state and I don’t necessarily believe it will be two or three rural senators that we lose. It’s all in the numbers. It’s all in how you draw the lines.”
Fischer, who wants to be appointed to the committee that will redraw the lines, says legislative redistricting should not create a big scandal.
“I don’t see a lot of concern or fighting going on with the legislative districts,” Fisher says. “It doesn’t change a lot of the Lincoln or metro districts too much. They’ll get a little smaller, most of them, some will grow in size.”
Fischer says redrawing the congressional districts could get partisan. The legislature opens its 2011 session on January 5th.
Thanks to  Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton)