Nebraskans return to stores to return gifts

Now that the packages have been opened and fruitcake is gone, retailers will have the chore of facing long lines with items that either didn’t fit or not wanted. Taking them back to the store can be an easy chore if you have one thing… the receipt.
“If you don’t have the receipt, then probably the merchant is going to give you merchandise credit rather than actual cash credit.”
Jim Otto is with the Nebraska Retail Association and says if you don’t have the slip of paper, you won’t see any greenbacks.
“Cash credit for non-receipted return items is a ticket for cash for crooks. That is one of the biggest fraudulent things that happens.”
Otto says gift returns following Christmas is big business for thieves.
“I think it is going to come close to 15-billion dollars nationally that will be lost in fraudulent returns this year.”
Otto says that is why many stores offer merchandise credit worth the value of the item instead of forking over cash. However, as long as you have the receipt, you should have any problems.
“As long as the article is in its original shape and you have a receipt, I don’t think you will have a problem.”
Many stores offer gift receipts and it is always a good idea to ask for one and then include it with the gift.