Gas prices top $3/gallon in Nebraska

More people will be traveling over the upcoming year-end holiday period compared to last year, according to Triple-A Nebraska spokeswoman Gail Weinholzer.
“We’re expecting just over a three-percent increase in holiday travel this year over last, or slightly more than 92-million Americans will traveling between this Thursday and Sunday, January 2nd,” Weinholzer said.
Most of those travelers, around 86%, will be driving a vehicle and motorists in Nebraska are paying more for gas. According to Triple-A, Nebraska gas prices are averaging $3 a gallon, even.
“That is an increase of about a dime over a month ago and it’s nearly 40 cents higher than a year ago,” Weinholzer said.
The national average is $2.98 a gallon, or two cents below Nebraska. The cheapest gas being pumped in Nebraska is in Columbus, averaging $2.95 a gallon, while North Platte has the most expensive fuel at $3.08.
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