Big Red Report–Thenarse will miss bowl after DUI

This weekend the Huskers were busy with practices on Friday and Saturday and then graduation ceremonies for eight Huskers, an achievement Bo Pelini is proud of for those players.
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One of those eight made a poor decision. Safety Rickey Thenarse was picked up for a DUI early Sunday morning just hours after participating in those graduation ceremonies and will not play in his final game as a Husker. Police found his car stopped in the middle of O Street in downtown Lincoln, near the same spot where defensive lineman Baker Steinkuhler was cited for a DUI on Dec. 8th. For Thenarse it’s been such an uphill climb for this kid, who lost both of his brothers in gang related shootings back in his hometown of L.A. while Rickey was at school, this Holiday Bowl was to cap off a remarkable chapter in his life.
Here’s a feature that ESPN did on Rickey back in 2008.  After watching this, it is one of the few times I feel sorry for a football player who made this type of mistake and wish that just once, the rules can be bent.  The kid has gone through so much and he finished school, got his degree and in a couple of hours, one mistake will cost him dearly.  It’s tough, but ultimately not playing Rickey is the right decision.
Back to the team, after putting in a lot of hard work this season, Pelini is rewarding the players with time off.