Holiday months can be dangerous time for fire risks

A warning is going out to Nebraskans who use alternative sources of heat during the winter months to take proper precautions to avoid fire. Fire prevention specialist Joe Rodriguez says heating sources are always a danger, but so are decorations, like candles.
He says you should never go to bed or leave the house without blowing the candles out and keep them in a sturdy container, away from combustibles. Rodriguez says people sometimes plug too many things into too few outlets, adding, you can avoid problems by reading the directions on your holiday lights.
He says you should find out how many strands you can put in one outlet so you don’t overload them. Rodriguez says real Christmas trees can become a fire hazard quickly if not taken care of properly.
Rodriguez says keep the trees away from heating vents to avoid having them dry out quickly, and be sure there is always water in the tree base. He says after you’ve made sure your heating source and decorations are safe, be sure your smoke alarms are working and make sure everyone knows how to safely get out of the home in case of a fire.