Frozen Pipes & Furnace Problems Keep Nebraska Contractors Busy

Some of the busiest people around these past few days were heating and plumbing contractors. Their phones were swamped with faulty furnaces and frozen pipes. Wade Mayfield is the owner of Thermal Services Heating, Air and Plumbing in Omaha and he says tis the season for problems. He says one of the biggest they see are heating units that have been neglected.
“Out doing preventative maintenance on them of some of the homeowner things of changing filters and making sure the unit is operating correctly ahead of time.”
Along with furnace problems, they are seeing a lot of frozen and broken pipes. He advises everyone to disconnect houses from outside faucets and check to see if cold air is leaking in through basements or crawl spaces.
“Because when the pipes burst, that is when the problems really arise.”
Mayfield says once pipes are frozen, it is time to call in a professional. He says it is also important to not become too impatient as contractors are doing their best to make the rounds and get everyone’s lives back to normal.
“Your contractor will get there and get it taken care of. There might be some hours of wait and some anxious moments but at the end of the day it definitely all works out.”
Mayfield also says replace furnace filters on a regular schedule and make sure heating vents are free of debris.