Omaha Mayor responds to recall effort

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle is not letting the recall effort deter him from doing his job.
“My nose is to the grindstone. We are going to focus on the jobs initiative. We’ve got a major announcement to change workforce development which is a must in this state if we are going to get people employed.”
Mayor Suttle will continue to fight the recall effort. His attorney Vince Powers will go before a judge later this month with evidence he says points to fraud by those who gathered signatures for the petition drive.
“We are going to let the process play itself out and we will be actively engaged in it as we get ready to go through the 20th of December.”
If the judge rules against Mayor Suttle, January 25th would be the date for the recall election. Mayor Suttle says the financial issues in Omaha have improved.
“We have stabilized the city’s finances for the first time in maybe a decade and Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s have given us glowing remarks as well as the banking industry.”
Suttle has no plans to resign.