New Years fireworks a no this year in Beatrice, despite new state law

There won’t be fireworks this coming New Year’s holiday in Beatrice. The city council failed to suspend procedural rules on a four to four tie vote, meaning a proposed ordinance will not be passed in time for this year’s holiday.
Under a proposed ordinance, fireworks could have been sold and used in the city from December 29th through December 31st. Beatrice City Councilman Alan Fetty said there didn’t seem to be a lot of public support.
City Councilman Calvin Carey said he had input, both for and against. He also pointed out there are fire safety concerns.
The council deadlocked four to four on advancing the ordinance through one round of consideration. Beatrice Mayor Dennis Schuster then broke the tie, voting yes. That means the ordinance will be back on the council’s agenda December 20th. If eventually given final approval, fireworks could not be sold or used in the city, until next year’s New Year celebration.
The Nebraska Legislature this past session approved a law that allows communities to decide whether to allow fireworks around the first of the year.
Currently, fireworks can be sold and used in Beatrice, from July 1st through July 4th. State law allows them to be sold and used from June 25th through July 4th.
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