Planning getting underway for Memorial Stadium expansion

Planning for the expansion of Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln starts tomorrow (Tuesday).
“The stadium would be done and ready for the 2013 season.”
Architect Greg Lattig is heading the design team says five-thousand seats, skyboxes and classroom space will be added to the east side of the stadium.
“On the lower level before you get above the current east stadium, there were be space set aside for the office of research for bio-behavioral research on the south side.”
Lattig says the Huskers move to the Big 10 is playing a part in the overall design.
“Look how they have gone about their expansions and what kind of combinations of seating they have provided and just look at what others have done as a starting point.”
The actual construction should start next summer and be completed in time for the 2013 season.
“The original intent of the program statement was to being construction in November after the last game against Iowa next season.”
The cost of the expansion is $56 million dollars.