Big Red Report–Holiday Bowl

With the Big Red Report I’m Bill Pollock, the updated BCS Standings have Nebraska 18th behind Oklahoma who moved up to 7th following the Big 12 championship game and Missouri who was 12th and Oklahoma State 14th, who both lost to the Huskers and Texas A & M at 17, just ahead of NU. With that, the Huskers find themselves in a familiar bowl with a familiar opponent. The Holiday Bowl is excited about brining Nebraska back to San Diego where they will face the Washington Huskies in a rematch of a game from September.
Back to the Big 12 Championship game on Saturday, 23-20 loss to Oklahoma. Once again the one team that is capable of beating Nebraska showed up again Saturday night…Nebraska. Turnovers continue to haunt Bo Pelini’s team as it has the last couple of seasons. Three lost fumbles and an interception ultimately cost NU this game, that they still had a chance to win at the end, but couldn’t quite make a play.
I’m not sure if Taylor Martinez wasn’t completely healthy or just rusty, but he didn’t look himself as the Sooners came up with seven sacks and reduced Martinez to -32 net yards in 20 attempts. Pelini was pretty confident all week Martinez would be good to go.
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