Incoming legislator plans to introduce flat tax bill

The 2011 session of the Nebraska legislature will open in just over a month and state lawmakers are busy now preparing bills to introduce. Senator-elect Tyson Larson, of O’Neill, says he plans a narrow focus.
Larson says some freshmen senators make the mistake of trying to introduce 25 or 30 bills and can’t keep up with them all, so he’s planning to introduce only seven or eight bills that are well-crafted and focused.
Larson, who defeated incumbent Senator Cap Dierks of Ewing, says he will offer at least one major proposal in the upcoming session — calling for a flat tax. He says he’s talked to his advisors in Lincoln about it.
He says they can’t remember if a flat tax proposal has ever been introduced, even in the past 30 years, so he’ll offer the legislation which he believes will draw a great deal of attention.
Larson says he’ll also offer another proposal — he wants to push for some type of horse slaughter facilities in the state. Larson says it’s important, given the current state of the horse population and the horse market in Nebraska.
The legislative session begins on January 5th.
Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton