Small plane crash being investigated

Engine failure is being blamed for a single-engine plane crash just north of Eppley Airfield early this morning. Omaha Police Lt. John Sokolik says the 36 year old pilot and his plane went down north of Eppley Airfield.
“Yes there was a single engine aircraft that was on approach to Eppley Airfield attempting to make a landing. At approximately 04:20 hours this morning, the aircraft lost power. The pilot attempted to restart the engine. He was unsuccessful and the aircraft crashed into the trees, in one of the ponds just north of Eppley Airfield, between Eppley Airfield and the Missouri River on airport property.”
Lt. Sokolik says the pilot was lucky.
“The pilot was able to walk away from the accident. All indications are that he is uninjured. He is being checked out as a precaution at an area hospital.”
The plane is currently on a sandbar on the Missouri River. The FAA is investigating.