Owners cited following dig bites

The owner of the two pit-bull mix dogs that attacked two 12 year olds earlier this week at a school bus stop in Omaha is cited.
“Two counts of harboring a dangerous animal and two counts of allowing her dogs to run loose resulting in the attack on the kids.”
Nebraska Humane Society CEO Mark Langan says the owner, Shara Dunbar will now have to go to court.
“She could face six months in jail or a $500 dollar fine or both.”
Langan says this should serve as a reminder that dog owners have to know where their animals are every second and make sure they are confined.
“Cases like this just show the importance of keeping their dogs confined. When dogs get off property, bad things happen like with these two kids.”
Langan says Dunbar told them she did not know the dogs were loose and she thought they were inside the home.
“Dog owner says she had no idea the dogs were running loose. No idea how they got out of the house. This strikes the importance of owners being responsible to prevent things like this from happening.”
The two dogs chased the two 12 year olds and when both fell, they were bitten a number of times. Both were treated and continue to recover.