Two children attacked by dogs

The search is on in Omaha for two dogs that repeatedly bit two 12-year olds near 36th and Burdette Monday afternoon.  Melody Biggs is the mother of one of the children and says they had gotten off the school bus and were waiting for the other’s mother to pick them up at a bus stop. 
“They got off the school bus and was waiting for a mom.  She was a couple minutes late picking them up.  They were waiting and talking to another friend.  The other friend walked off and when my daughter turned around she saw a dog walking toward them.  They kept conversation.”
 Another dog then ran up and Biggs says both children were frightened and ran. 
“They took off running and somehow or another they fell.  They fell.  Some man heard the kids outside screaming and came out and scared the dogs off.”
 Biggs says her daughter, Daja (DAY-juh) suffered serious bites. 
“Well, my daughter has several puncture wounds on both her legs.  She has three sets of stitches on one leg.  One set of stitches on another leg.  Wounds on her feet.  On top of her feet.  The back of her heels are scratched up pretty bad and she has puncture wounds on her hands.”
 Biggs is very grateful that the man who chased the dogs away was home and decided to get involved. 
“If the man hadn’t come outside, these two kids would have been dead.”
 Biggs is very upset at the dog’s owners as they have to know they did something very wrong. 
“I’m quite sure when they came home last night, they had to have been bloody because the kids had so many bites on them.  You should have recognized your dog had done something and you should have called the Humane Society to see if they had bit anybody or taken them in period because these are kids.”
 Daja and the other boy were treated and released at a hospital.  The dogs are described as pit bulls or Rottweiler.  The Humane Society is searching for the two dogs as they need to be tested for rabies.  If they aren’t found within 10 days, the two will receive the rabies vaccine.