New Park And Hero Tree Dedication At Offutt Today

Dedication ceremonies for a new park at Offutt Air Force Base will be held this afternoon. This is to honor the members of the 55th Wing who are sent from Offutt to global assignments. “We have about 600 to well over one-thousand people from this wing who are deployed throughout the world.” 55th Wing Head Chaplain, Colonel Carl Swanson says the new park features a hero tree that pays tribute to those serving overseas. “We allow the families to put little ornaments or yellow ribbons with their loved one’s names that would remind us all to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.” Colonel Swanson says this tree serves as a reminder of the sacrifices the solder makes. “That would honor the loved one as they go through the very important business of defending our country throughout the world and giving the world hope of peace and freedom.” The park is located on the old parade grounds of Ft. Crook that is now part of the base.