TSA: Body scanners still a maybe for Nebraska airports

Some travelers at Nebraska airports are now dealing with the thorough pat-downs which are sparking protests around the country. The so-called “minimally invasive” searches are part of an effort to beef-up airport security.
Carrie Harmon, a regional spokesperson for the federal Transportation Security Administration, isn’t saying whether Nebraskans have registered any complaints.
“I can’t tell you about complaints at individual airports. As of last week, nationally, we had received about 700 complaints,” Harmon said.
Hundreds of the new all-body scanners will be installed at airports around the country by the end of next year, but it’s unclear how many, if any, may be placed in Nebraska. Harmon says several factors would be considered before any airports in the state would be chosen for the controversial scanners.
“Some of it is logistics and checkpoint configuration,” Harmon said. “There are other factors that go into it as well.” Harmon says the TSA is hoping travelers do not go through with threatened protests this week which would disrupt holiday travel.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said this week that few passengers receive pat-down searches. She says that’s the only choice for those who decide they don’t want to go through body scans or X-rays.