Turkeys could gobble a bit more of your wallet

Nebraskans may be paying a bit more for the centerpiece of their Thanksgiving dinner this year, although poultry specialist Ron Kean says the turkey supply should be adequate.
Kean says there should be turkeys available as there are no reported shortages, while prices have risen slightly for frozen turkeys. He says producers have been reducing the number of frozen birds. Kean says it’s a matter of simple economics.
He says, “With supply and demand, if supply starts to increase too much, then that lowers their prices and there’s been work to cut back on that extra supply.” So just how much should Nebraskans expect to pay for the big birds?
Kean says frozen turkeys should go for around a buck a pound, which is about a dime-a-pound more than a year ago, while fresh birds will start around $1.50.