Don't forget the needy when you snag a deer

As hunters hit the fields, Candace Gregory, President and CEO of the Open Door Mission in Omaha volunteers to take venison off your hands.
“Everyday at Open Door Mission we serve more than 17-hundred hot, nutritious meals to those that are hungry and homeless. You don’t have to live at the Open Door Mission to eat at the Open Door Mission so this is a call out for hunters. We would love to accept your donation.”
Gregory says if you can use one of your tags for the mission and donate the meat, it is considered a tax deductable donation.
“You can shoot one for yourself and one for the Open Door Mission. In fact, it is a tax deductable gift. If you take it to your locker to have it processed, you actually can receive a gift-in-kind for that and use it against your taxes.”
Gregory says they will also accept other game.
“Open Door Mission will accept any venison, pheasant. We get a lot of pheasant. You can really stretch your dollars when you add the hunter’s game to what we are serving at the Open Door Mission. We serve a lot of meals and are grateful for those who think of us. There are people out there who don’t actually need to use the game for themselves and they would gladly donate it to us at the Open Door Mission who can.”
Even down the road if you find out you will not use the venison you had processed, they would gladly take it off your hands.
“The hunters have it processed and they put it in their freezer and you know, they think later on they are not going to get to eat this. I’m not going to use it so they bring it down to us so we do receive it 12 months out of the year.”
To make a donation, you can call 402-442-1499 or your local mission.