Rumors that Martinez is leaving Husker program untrue (AUDIO)

According to Sean Callahan of, who contributes to the Nebraska Radio Network confirmed for us that Taylor Martinez is not leaving the NU football program.
Sean Callahan on Martinez rumors
Last night several internet sites jumped on this story.  For example, according to Jay Urban of the, he is citing sources within the Husker football program that Taylor Martinez has quit the football team.
While it hasn’t been confirmed through the website, apparently the confrontation on the sideline between Bo Pelini and Martinez took place because Martinez was texting in the locker room while his ankle was being taped. It isn’t clear who the recipient of these texts was, but one popular belief is that they were directed to his father.
There is also another website,, that has a blog Tony George that is confirming his sources have told him the same thing. WARNING: Language not suitable for younger readers on website.