Perlman not happy with Pelini's sideline antics

There were several moments where Huskers’ head coach Bo Pelini showed his “passion” for the game of football during Saturday’s 9-6 loss at Texas A & M.
Pelini was shown several times on ABC’s telecast yelling at officials over penalties called against Nebraska or non-flags thrown on what Pelini felt should have been penalties on Texas A & M.
There was also a time when Pelini was in the face of quarterback Taylor Martinez when he was on the bench with his sore ankle. Pelini also verbally berated Ben Cotton after the player was flagged for two unsportsmanlike penalties on the same play.
I read an article on, that Chancellor Harvey Perlman is not happy with Pelini’s sideline actions. “I think it was very unfortunate, and I think it’s something we’ll have to address with Bo, “Perlman said. “Bo has a lot of passion for his football team, and there is a strong upside to that. But again, overall, the conduct was unfortunate last night.”