200 pounds of pot off of the streets

During a pair of state patrol traffic stops Thursday on Interstate 80, troopers seized nearly 200 pounds of marijuana. In one case, the state trooper pulled over a minivan in Seward County for speeding. The driver allowed a search of the vehicle and the patrolman found 153 pounds of pot hidden underneath the van. The driver, a 25 year old man from New Mexico, was arrested. In the second case, a trooper pulled over a U-Haul truck for speeding in Lancaster County. A drug-sniffing dog tipped off the officer to marijuana in the cab. A search yielded a baggie of pot there along with a handgun — and another 41 pounds in the back of the truck, hidden in stereo speakers and a duffle bag. That driver, a 57 year old man from California, is also now jailed.