Seven people now members of the Nebraska Innovation Campus Facility Advisory Committee

Seven University of Nebraska – Lincoln faculty members are now members
of the Nebraska Innovation Campus Facility Advisory Committee.
University Director of Communications, Meg Lauerman says this committee
will guide and make recommendations to the Nebraska Innovation Campus
Development Corp. and the chancellor on planning, development and
occupancy of the campus.
“That is looking to augment the attractiveness of Nebraska Innovation
Campus as it relates to the private-public sector partnerships.”
Lauerman says they will also be responsible for providing valuable
insight on the future development of the campus and work with the
private sector in joining partnerships.
“So they are looking for opportunities for private businesses can link
with the capacities and capabilities of our faculty in good ways that
make this campus come alive with opportunities to drive Nebraska’s
economy forward.”
Lauerman says no only are they looking for local and state businesses to
take part but they are also interested in developing a global market.
“We are looking for private businesses to work with faculty, our top
researchers in the development of new ideas that will create new jobs,
new businesses and new developments that are marketable.”
Lauerman gives us several examples of how the public can help and be
helped by a partnership.
“In energy development. In food and fuel and so we are looking for
partners that maybe fit that profile with their businesses and their
needs to develop their businesses and new ideas.”
Lauerman says water research will also be done.
The Advisory Committee members are:
Stephen Baenziger, professor of agronomy and horticulture
Andrew Benson, professor of food science and technology
Mary Uhl-Bein, professor of management
Shane Farritor, professor of mechanical engineering
Sally Mackenzie, professor and with the Center for Plant Science
Stephen Reichenbach, professor of computer science and engineering
Will Thomas, professor of history.