Big Red Report–Offensive line will protect whoever plays QB

What went from basically saying that he was ready to go, on Thursday, Bo Pelini changed his stance a bit on quarterback Taylor Martinez for tomorrow against Iowa State. Sure he’s getting better, because he’s healing, but I’m not sure if its fast enough for the game.
Big Red Report
Regardless of who starts at quarterback, they’ll be lining up behind an offensive line that is starting to really gel. The running game is averaging 6.7 yards per carry. Pelini says two things have helped with the higher level of execution from the line, consistency the schemes and their technique is getting better.
Here’s my take on this game. First Iowa State is a very disciplined team, but we’re not going to see the same results as we did last year when the Huskers turned the ball over eight times regardless of who starts at quarterback. I believe most college teams can win a conference game on any given day, but this would be a big upset and I can’t see Iowa State pulling off another big one against this team…they had their big game at Texas, plus the Cyclones were losing last week at halftime to Kansas, so I’m saying at least a 17 point win this week.