Be aware – winter weather is coming soon

Winter days are not far away and it can be challenging in Nebraska.
Jodie Fawl is the Public Information Officer for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and says Winter Weather Awareness Day is November 4th.
“We just want to call attention that winter is approaching and we need to be taking precautions and people in Nebraska can do so and reduce the effects of blizzards and snow and ice covered roads if they do a little
Snow, ice and blowing snow can cause travel difficulties and Fawl says you should know road conditions before heading out.
Nebraska Department of Roads has a great tool of knowing which roads are open and closed and that information is available on their website at or you can use your cell phone and call 511.
Outside of Nebraska, people should call 1-800-906-9069.)
With last winter being so severe, many people learned to prepare just in case they can not get out for days on end.  Fawl says make sure you have enough food, medication and supplies inside your home to last.
“We suggest you have enough to take care of yourself and your family for
72 hours and that includes some water and materials, equipment and supplies that you have available.”
While local officials and state agencies will respond to emergencies, people must also be prepared to help themselves.  For more winter weather tips, go to