Special Session 101: Bob Priddy reviews

“Special sessions of the legislature have somewhat different rules from regular sessions and this might be a good time to review some of the basics, now that our lawmakers are returning to the Capitol on Thursday to work on two issues. The Ford bill allows the (auto) company to keep some of the income withholding taxes of employees who will build the next generation of vehicle replacing the current Escape an Mercury Mariner small SUVs

We went back to our recordings of the last day of the session when things fell apart for both bills and dug out our recording of Senate Debate on the automobile manufacturing bill. The voices you’ll hear are Senator Lu Ann Ridgeway, whose district includes Claycomo, Senator Matt Bartle of Lee’s Summit, who is strongly opposed to the whole subsidy plan, Jack Goodman of Nevada who leans away from favoring the idea, Tim Green of St. Louis who favors it, and Jim Lembke of St. Louis and Chuck Purgason of Caulfield who are philosophically opposed to the idea. At the end, sponsor Tom Dempsey of St. Charles puts his bill on the shelf with about three hours left in the session, not enough time to get things worked out enough to get the bill to a vote.”

Read Bob’s post and listen to debate audio on the Missourinet blog »

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