After two years, missing person's case remains open

8:25 am, April 15th, 2008. That was the last publicly confirmed sighting of Ann Marie Riekenberg-Kelley, of Filley.
Nearly two years after her disappearance, the Gage County Attorneys office and local law officers are still trying to find out what happened to her. They’ve been making use of space at the Beatrice State Developmental Center to focus on the investigation.
Gage County Attorney Randy Ritnour says experts from both Nebraska and other states are assisting in the investigation, which he says is coming along well.
“It is a complicated case, there is no question about that, and it is a dark case, but citizens of Gage County should know that we are definitely going to continue to pursue this matter, because we believe we know what happened, we just have to collect the evidence and get this thing resolved.”
New information no longer comes from public tips, but mainly from investigative work on the case. Ritnour says new information is being developed and more questions are being answered in the case.
Ann Marie Kelleys husband, William Kelley Jr., is serving a prison sentence on several charges. Ritnour says he is a suspect in his wife’s disappearance.
For a long period of time, law officers conducted searches of specific areas, and Ritnour says that activity will continue.
Ann Marie Kelley was last seen driving a dark gray wood panel 1991 Plymouth Voyager Minivan, with a Nebraska license plate of 3A8045. The vehicle has not been found. Authorities still encourage calls to the Gage County Sheriff’s office or crime stoppers in Gage County, with information that may assist the investigation.
Thanks KWBE Beatrice – Doug Kennedy