20 week abortion ban bill moves forward

Senator Brenda Council OmahaIt looks likely that abortions will become illegal once a fetus has reached the 20 week mark. The bill is receiving second round approval in the legislature. Speaker Mike Flood of Norfolk brought in numerous medical experts from around the country at the public hearing who testified that 20 weeks is when an unborn baby can feel pain. Senator Brenda Council of Omaha says we need to consider the life of the baby that may have a mother with severe mental disease.
“And we don’t give any thought to what happens to the child after birth, we don’t care about the mental health of the woman after birth and how that will affect that child and that child’s upbringing.”
Another argument brought by the opposition deals with unborn babies who are likely to be disabled after birth. Speaker Flood said very little during second round debate, but on first round asked the body what was wrong with allowing a disabled child to have life. Flood felt it was wrong to grant an abortion when significant pain was being delivered to the unborn baby after 20 weeks.