Omaha Royals changing stadium and name

The final Omaha Royals’ season opener at Rosenblatt Stadium is Thursday. Next year they will be playing ball at a new stadium in Sarpy County. Royal’s owner Alan Stein says there will be a number of changes when the team makes the move. He says they are working on changing the team’s nickname.
It could be the Omaha Royals. It could be the Omaha something else. The only thing we know from our research is we want to keep the name Omaha. The nick name we will have some fun with that and find out.
Royal’s General Manager Martie Cordaro says the fans will have a say in what that new name will be.
We are going to let the fans decide. The Royals’ will be an option as well as several other names we have worked on in our focus groups and then we will have fans give us their ideas.
Cordaro says they will make the announcement toward the end of the season.
“During June, July time frame, they will be able to vote and then we will unveil that sometime in late October or early November on what that name is going to be. We want the fans to have ownership in what is going on and what we are doing here in the community.”
Cordaro says two things are for sure, they will keep Omaha in the team name and Golden Spikes will not be an option. The team was renamed the Spikes a few years ago but was quickly changed back to the Royals.