Gas prices climbing, likely to reach $3 gallon by summer

Gasoline prices in Nebraska have climbed to their highest average in nearly a year and a half. Gail Weinholzer with Triple-A says a gallon of regular unleaded fuel is averaging $2.90.
Nebraska’s gas is seven-cents above the national average and prices have been on a steady climb for several weeks. “Crude is selling for more than $82 a barrel, so that’s forcing up some prices we’re seeing at the pump,” Weinholzer said. “We also expect a bit of a bump yet this spring due to the switch from the winter to the summer grade fuel.”
The start of the summer driving season is still several weeks away and she says that increase in demand will likely lead to another price hike.
“I think there’s certainly a strong likelihood that we’ll pop $3 a gallon as an average across the country prior to the Memorial Day weekend,” Weinholzer said.
The statewide average is $2.90. A year ago, it was $2.06. Triple-A says the cheapest average for gas in the state is Columbus with $2.83 a gallon, while the highest price is in North Platte at $2.95.