NDOR sends out reminder about sign problems

The Nebraska Department of Roads reminds residents it is against the law to place political campaign signs, or any signs for that matter, along state highway right-of-ways. NDOR spokesperson Mary Jo Oie says residents put signs along the right-of-way; they will not be there for very long.
“And then our crews, as soon as they can, will get out there and remove them and they will take them back to the shop and there the owners of those signs, if they want them back, can contact the nearest shop located to wherever they put them up. We will keep them for a while. We won’t keep them for very long.”
Oie says the signs can be reclaimed by owners at local maintenance yards. While it is against the law to place the signs along right-of-ways, there are no fines in place for this violation.
“At this time, there aren’t fines. If it becomes a problem that could become another step. But, no, we try to keep the right-of-ways clear so they will just be removed immediately.”
Oie says the law applies to more items than just signs.
“Salvage items, plantings, to parked equipment and that includes anybody trying to sell their automobile or furniture. Sometimes this time of year, spring or summer, people might want to put up something they are selling whether it be a harvested produce or sometimes other materials you see. That is not permitted in the state’s highway right-of-way.”
Those wanting more information about the boundaries of right-of-way corridors or would like information about permit information, contact the Nebraska Department of Roads District Office.