Bruning warns of IRS email scam

Attorney General Jon BruningAn on-line tax refund scam is making the rounds. Nebr. Attorney General Jon Bruning says this e-mail uses a realistic IRS logo and claims the person receiving the e-mail has a refund coming. Then they are asked very personal questions.
“This particular scam is unusual due to the likeness of the IRS website. The IRS will never ask for credit card information through e-mail and consumers should report such contact immediately.”
The e-mail also asks for ATM pin numbers, all card expiration dates and security codes. Bruning says as April 15th nears, more of these scams will be popping up.
“With the Federal tax deadline approaching, we expect that IRS scams will increase. Consumers need to know we are here to help.”
Bruning says the IRS does not communicate by e-mail and all correspondence is through the mail. Those who receive one of these e-mails claiming to be from the I-R-S should contact Bruning’s office immediately.