Heineman one of 30 receiving letter from extremist group

Governor Dave Heineman was one of about 30 governors’ who received a letter from an extremist group. Governor Heineman’s spokesperson Jen Rae Hein says last Friday, the FBI notified the Nebraska State Patrol and the Governor’s office potential of a letter arriving. It did arrive mid-morning on Monday. It was not opened and was immediately given to the State Patrol who handed it over to the FBI.
The letters are apparently from the group ‘Guardians of the Free Republics” and internal intelligence officials say the letters state the governor should leave office within three days and if they don’t, they will be removed.
Hein says they are taking security precautions but details are not being made public. She says while rare in Nebraska, threats are received. If that happens, Hein says they are well equipped to make sure appropriate measures are taken to insure the Governor’s safety.