Interim study to be held on prenatal care issue

Senator Heath Mello - OmahaDespite not being able to pass a bill that would have provided state money towards the prenatal care of illegal immigrants, many State Senators are not letting the issue go away. An interim study on helping provide for the prenatal care of the unborn children of all women is being supported by State Senator Heath Mello of Omaha.
“Particularly those of us who come on this floor, who go to rallies, who go to meeting and talk about the importance of protecting unborn children, we can’t let this issue go away.”
The Governor has remained steady in his decision not to provide state aid to illegal immigrants. The issue came up after the Federal Government told state officials they could no longer provide the prenatal care to women who are not citizens of this country. A bill in the legislature to provide state aid was pulled because there was not enough votes to override a Gubernatorial veto.