Four tornadoes touch down in four SC counties

Tornado touching down outside of Edgefield County

Reported by David Waterman, affiliate WVOC, Columbia
The National Weather Service now says four tornadoes were in a line of intense thunderstorms that moved across South Carolina Sunday night and Monday morning. Warning Coordinator Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, Steve Naglic says it all started with a touchdown in McCormick County Sunday afternoon. Then, a second tornado in Edgefield County which toppled trees onto two homes, damaged a motor home and ripped off half the roof of a mobile home.
Naglic says, “That same storm continued northeast and then dropped tornado down into the Batesburg-Leesville area, which again was another EF-2 tornado. It damaged several homes…one minor injury. And once it touched down there, it stayed on the ground approximately six miles until it got up to Lake Murray. Then it dissipated, and then redeveloped over in southwestern Fairfield County, where it briefly touched down there again and just took down some trees. It was an EF-0.”The tornado in the Batesburg-Leesville area around 11:30 Sunday night had winds of 125 miles per hour. The Lexington County Fire Service says at least eight homes received moderate to heavy damage near Lake Murray.
Some 40 homes in all were damaged in the county, with at least  $1 million in estimated damages.
Amazingly, no serious injuries were reported from the series of tornadoes.
And as the National Weather Service did post-storm interviews with residents to determine how many tornadoes had occurred, Naglic was glad to hear that NOAA weather radios had been put to good use.
“Several of them did have weather radios and, of course, they said their alarms went off and they did what they were supposed to do and got into an interior hallway. And then they said about 5, 10 minutes later the tornado came and then did the damage to their homes. So, the system works,” Naglic says.