ESC officially becomes cabinet-level, restructured agency (Video)

The state’s Employment Security Commission is now known as a cabinet-level Department of Employment and Workforce. Gov. Mark Sanford signed the legislation Tuesday morning, surrounded by a large, bi-partisan group of legislators.

Sanford both reminded and thanked legislators for working with this issue, a top priority for his administration:

I remember about a year and a half ago, the administration being described as ‘the grinch who stole Christmas’ as we were in something of a tug-of-war in terms of trying to get information out of the ESC on employment data. At times, viewed as an alarmist when we talked about there being as much as a $1 billion shortfall if nothing changed. It turned out to be about a $2 billion shortfall.
But we’re here.  And the group of legislators you see here and a whole lot of their peers were absolutely instrumental in making this happen, obviously in conjunction with the business community joined in and a whole host of others who pushed this forward. So. I’m here to say thank you on so many levels.