David City officials host forum on dangers of "choking game"

Officials in David City will be holding a forum Tuesday night to inform parents and other caregivers about the potentially deadly activity known as the “choking game”. Fire Chief Matt Hilger says the death of 11 year old Drew Fiala earlier this month was a shock for the whole community. He says everyone knew the family and it was tough on the responders so they want to take the necessary steps so they don’t have to go through the same situation again.
The “choking game” is when a person either chokes him or herself or another person to bring on a feeling of euphoria as blood returns to the brain. Hilger says people in a position often times can get a message across. He says young people respect firefighters and he hopes they will hear the message loud and clear.
Hilger is hoping high school students also attend. He says many times younger kids look up to the head cheerleader or football player. These young adults can also serve as great role models and can get the message across that young people the dangers of this activity.
The meeting is at 7 pm at David City Aquinas High School.