Tornado confirmed in Edgefield County

A storm system made its way through the state late Sunday night, bringing rain, thunderstorms and hail to parts of the region. Heavy winds also knocked down trees in a number of areas. Emergency Preparedness Director Mike Casey of Edgefield County says that they have confirmation that much of the damage was done by the touchdown of tornadoes. “We have a picture of the first funnel cloud that formed. as well as a map showing the track of it. Both tornadoes followed approximately the same track coming into Edgefield County.”
Casey said they’ve been busy today assessing the damage. “We’re out now doing some damage assessment. We know of at least one house that had a couple of trees to go through the roof and that family was displaced. There were reports of additional damage that was discovered after daylight today, and we’re going to assess that now.”
Tornado watches and warnings were issued throughout the night for much of the state. South Carolina utilities that serve the damaged area were out trying to restore service.