Callers criticize Nelson over health care

Nebraska’s Democratic Senator Ben Nelson fielded a barrage of criticism during his quarterly call-in show on Monday.
The nearly hour-long show was dominated by people with harsh criticism for Nelson’s handling of health care reform. Nelson responded to a caller who asked him why he “went against the people of Nebraska” when he cast his vote for the recently-passed health care bill.
Senator Nelson said the bill wasn’t perfect, but it contains many items that he believes will be better for Nebraskans and Americans.
Nelson disagreed with a caller that said Congress is trying to socialize the health care industry and, specifically, the health insurance industry.
Nelson addressed concerns over the cost of the program, saying the Congressional Budget Office said the plan would be better than deficit-neutral over ten years, that it would actually decrease the deficit over the next decade.
While the majority of callers criticized Senator Nelson for his vote, a handful of callers commended him, saying something needed to be done to reduce health insurance costs and that this bill was a step in the right direction.
Thanks KOGA Ogallala